Pueblo Lattice Design by Trex® LatticeWorks™

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Our Pueblo lattice design by Trex® LatticeWorks™ is built from a strong, durable, and lightweight PVC material in the form of a beautiful and complex pattern. It can easily be painted and installed in the manner you like, whether it be a privacy screen, a balcony divider, or for simple decoration. 

The Pueblo lattice pattern can be easily cleaned, is water-resistant, and is UV stabilized to resist harsh weather. 

How Can I Use Decorative Lattice?

Our various lattice designs are available in black and white and can be easily painted to make your vision a reality. We look forward to seeing what design idea you have in mind! 

There are a variety of creative uses for Trex® LatticeWorks™ panels. These uses include:

  • Deck skirting
  • Porch skirting
  • Privacy walls
  • Balcony dividers
  • Fence panels and fence systems
  • Gazebo lattice
  • Pergola lattice
  • Partitions
  • And more!

Whether you’re looking to install decorative lattice to spruce up your landscape or add a simple balcony divider for increased privacy, our lattice installation team is happy to help you find what you like most. We’d be happy to guide you through a consultation. 

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About Choosing Lattice From Trex® LatticeWorks™

With Trex® LatticeWorks™ Pueblo panels, you don’t need to worry about common issues with wood lattice—splintering, rotting, and even fading from UV rays don’t have a place around your home! 

Currently, we offer decorative lattice panels in 10 different designs, 2 colors, and 4 thicknesses, so you’re sure to find a lattice design that will look wonderful with your home.

Whether you’re a homeowner, a decking contractor, or an interior designer, you’ll soon discover why so many Americans choose Trex® LatticeWorks™ for their projects. From ordering to shipping, we have your interests in mind!

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