Outdoor Fencing

Install Outdoor Lattice Fence Panels With Us!

Outdoor fencing does more than serve as a barrier to keep the dogs in and prying eyes from invading your privacy. It creates a comfortable, relaxing space where you can enjoy your property.

Fences frame a landscape and serve as an extension that accentuates your home’s design elements. When considering which type of fencing to include on your property, the following are some of our most popular options.

Outdoor Privacy Walls

Lattice is ideal for inclusion within outdoor privacy walls. When covered in roses, ivy, or other foliage, the lattice structure provides a firm foundation for vines and other plants to attach themselves to.

As they grow, they create a lush, living barrier between your landscape and the outside world. Lattice can also be added atop outdoor privacy fences to create an appealing accent that extends the height of the fence for another one to two feet.

Outdoor Divider Walls

Outdoor divider walls allow you to partition your landscape and transform the pool, patio, outdoor cooking area, etc. into a comfortable oasis.

Lattice makes it easy to achieve this without closing the landscape off. This allows you to achieve a comfortable, cozy atmosphere without making the area feel overly confined. Moreover, divider walls make it possible for multiple people to enjoy peace and privacy as they rest and relax in different areas of the landscape at the same time.

Garden Lattice

Garden lattice creates the perfect backdrop for your backyard garden. It creates an ideal platform for grapes, raspberries, blackberries, roses, and other vines to climb. It also helps provide a barrier that can protect your garden from wind damage and pest infiltrations, and it provides a bit of shade that shields plants from the scorching summer sun.

Outdoor Accents

Lattice can be positioned along garden paths, sidewalks, and beside benches to create accents in the landscape. Each lattice can serve as a canvas for various vines to climb, or as a standalone piece that stands out in the landscape. For the most appealing ambiance, the lattice can be topped with arches, pergolas, and other design elements that accentuate the home’s design.

Farmhouse Design

Lattice can be used to create an atmosphere that harkens back to the agricultural heritage of the region. It can be used to grow tomatoes or grapes, or simply left bare or painted. When the lattice fencing is cut to about 3-4 feet, or waist height, it creates the perfect fence around a garden area that can keep dogs out.

You can accentuate the look and feel of your garden landscape by attaching old shovels, buckets, sprinklers, and garden implements to the lattice to create a genuine farmhouse feel.

Choosing Your Lattice

The style of lattice you choose will have a significant influence on the finished effect. Thick slats with wide gaps are ideal for creating tranquility, while larger, diagonal grid patterns are perfect for accentuating the view from your property. Similarly, arches are perfect for creating a dramatic effect, while smaller grid patterns are suitable for creating privacy.

We encourage you to contact Trex LatticeWorks at 833-856-8739 to learn more about the outdoor fencing options we offer. Our team can help you choose the ideal design for your home and lifestyle.