Capital Lattice Design by Trex® LatticeWorks™

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Our Capital lattice design by Trex® LatticeWorks™ is an exceptional product designed from strong, lightweight PVC that can be used for both indoor or outdoor purposes.

Our decorative lattice is easily cleaned, painted, and it does not absorb water. It is also UV stabilized and weather-resistant, which makes it an excellent product to withstand every season.

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Uses for the Capital Lattice Design

Our various lattice design options are available in black and white—they are also easily painted to match your style preferences. The following are creative uses for Trex® LatticeWorks™ panels:

  • Deck skirting
  • Porch skirting
  • Privacy walls
  • Balcony dividers
  • Fence panels and fence systems
  • Gazebo lattice
  • Pergola lattice
  • Partitions
  • And more!

Whether you want to install decorative lattice or add a simple balcony divider for increased privacy, our lattice installers are happy to help you find what you like most.

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Install Decorative Lattice with Trex® LatticeWorks™

With Trex® LatticeWorks™ Capital panels, say goodbye to the problems you could have had from wood lattice, such as splintering, rotting, or even fading from UV rays.

Whether you’re a homeowner, a decking contractor, or an interior designer, you can find the decorative lattice you need with our dedicated company. From ordering to shipping, we’ve made life simple!

For more information about the Capital lattice design by Trex® LatticeWorks™, call 833-856-8739!